Why Can’t My Organization Grow and Improve?

Speaker : Mark Moore
Date : Tuesday, May 10, 2022
Time : 11:00 US CT


Plotting a path to organizational growth, especially based on the projects it chooses to execute, can be a challenge. Many organizations get so caught up in what they currently do and how they do it, that they cannot find ways to effectively improve how they operate and experience the growth that stems from that kind of change. The fundamental elements are not overly complicated, but the work to make the change is hard. Stripping back the veneer of “pretend change” and finding how execution Value comes from properly communicated Vision and choices rooted in those fundamental elements often takes fresh eyes and a willingness to do things in a very different way. It can be a bit unnerving, but the alternative is stagnation. Through this presentation, we’ll highlight some of the fundamental elements that are necessary to real growth and improvement, and weed out the things that only add noise and distraction.


Mark Moore, M2PCC’s Executive Consultant, is an experienced leader and communicator, with a long track record of successful program and project management, training development and delivery, and transformational change. He brings over three decades of experience spanning multiple industries and disciplines. His focus on the delivery of Value aligned with Vision lies at the heart of FLOW and organizational transformation.