Since 2010, Mounir has written and published numerous e-books and books on project management. He continues to work on more publications and contributes to the project management community of practice.

Project Management Books

Since 2010, Mounir has self-published a few books. Also, CRC Press, a Taylor & Francis company, published two books for Mounir, released in December 2017 and December 2019. All of these books are available in print and electronic format from Amazon and other global bookstores distributors.

Books published by CRC Press

Self-Published Books

Project Management E-Books

Currently, Mounir has 17 e-books on the website. Fourteen of these books are part of the two series listed below.

Adaptive Project Management & Tailored Methods Series

The series is “Adaptive Project Management & Tailored Methods Series.” Its primary focus is The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™ (CAMMP™), a project management methodological approach that the SUKAD has developed and continued to enhance.

The series consists of seven e-books, two of them are already published … Read more.

Small Projects Case Studies & Simulation Series

The CAMMP™ Case Studies and Simulation Series consists of seven e-books, seven volumes. All of the case studies and simulations are using the CAMMP™ Model for Micro/Small-Simple Projects. Therefore, they all will use a similar format. However, these e-books are independent since each volume present one or more specific project cases… Read more.


“In this [Project Management beyond Waterfall and Agile] book, Mounir has dived even deeper into organizational project management systems with the latest and more comprehensive CAMMP™ model. I have always been of the mind that a project manager should be versed in many models so that the approach can be custom fit to the project, and CAMMP™ is one that should be a staple.”

Dr. Joel B. Carboni,
President, and Founder, GPM Global, and President, IPMA-USA

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