This is another blog and video from the SUKAD “It Depends” series. In this case, it is No 04. This post addresses this question: what are the differences between Project Management Methodology and Project Management Framework?

The “It Depends” Series

In project management, the answer to many questions often starts with, “It Depends.” For example, what is the definition of a project? It Depends. What are the differences between PBS and WBS? How to differentiate between scope creep and scope change?

Therefore, we decided to launch a knowledge-sharing series with the title “It Depends.” In other words, the “It Depends” knowledge series would help answer these questions and more. The series includes short videos of these articles, and in the future, there will be additional references. Consequently, this series focuses on project management terminology, especially when we often have multiple views on defining or using them. Also, we would provide a comparison of terms.

Video No. 04: Methodology vs. Framework

Project Management Methodology vs. Project Management Framework

The transcript below is modified from the actual video

In earlier videos, we discussed the differences between method and methodology. We defined a method as something specific, whereas a methodology is more like a set of methods.

Project Management Framework

A framework is typically a general guideline, so we talk about the SUKAD Way Project Management Framework. It is a set of practices, general guidelines, standards, guides, and principles for managing projects or managing the organization’s project. However, it is not a methodology, methodological approach, or a specific method.

That means that the framework is usually more of a general guideline that the organization can learn and use. In other words, it is a framework to develop specific methods that apply to their business or industry.

So a project management framework is a general guideline, a method is a specific way of doing something, and a methodology is a set of methods.

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