In most articles, we use the terms project and project management broadly to include project, program, product (delivery), and portfolio management. It may also incorporate terms like organizational project management and project management office.

The Why, What, How … of the Platform

Today’s post only shares a mindmap of frequently asked questions about the fantastic Uruk Platform. We will not answer these questions today since we will soon release a video for each question. This mindmap shows ten questions. However, recently, we decided to split one of the questions into two videos. Consequently, we will have 11 videos. At least, that is the plan, which could change.

The Uruk Platform overview and partial demo

We will publish numerous short educational demo videos for the Uruk Platform users, each highlighting one crucial module or functionality. Today, we want to share a recent (long) video that is in two parts:

Part 1 is about 10 min and includes a brief overview of the Uruk Platform’s current state and product roadmap.
Part 2 is about 30 min, and it is an educational demo, a deep dive into one of the elements of the platform, project management. This video can help onboard new users and those who want to explore the platform through a trial plan.


Closing remarks, the engine of project success

We know that the Uruk Platform will be a game changer and a catalyst that will help organizations transform how they manage projects and lead their product delivery. With Uruk, organizations can deliver products to market faster and significantly lower costs. We have made it accessible to anyone concerned about learning or implementing the modern and transforming PM methodological process. These methodological processes, leading to tailored methods, are explained, and real-world examples and a diversifying organizational culture are shared. Therefore, organizations concerned about new and effective PM methodologies can benefit greatly from the Uruk Platform.

Why not explore the Uruk Platform today?

The Uruk Platform helps organizations and individuals increase their understanding of Project Management and Project success. You can explore the platform through trial plans. Or through an onboarding engagement.

You can also reach out to us for a discussion and a personal demo.

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