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Mounir is a Master Trainor, Consultant, Speaker, Author, and Advisor. In short, he is a project management thought leader. Through the SUKAD Servant Leader Initiative, Mounir has offered complimentary support to senior managers and executives on vital project management topics. However, Mounir believes that project management has strategic value but is still misunderstood and not respected enough to be recognized as a crucial organizational function, equal in value to HR, IT, Finance, or other functions and roles. We can see this via the lack of project management departments or divisions, even in companies where a great deal of their work and products are delivered through project management.

In line with the above, Mounir advocate that organizations need to build their project management competence and capacity to lead their projects and product development, from Concept to Success! He advises organizations to develop their organizational project management systems and functions, then sustain them through embedding the right culture. Achieving a higher level of performance and project management maturity, organizational development starts at the top. Therefore, Mounir can offer a range of services to organizational leadership. The services could be:

  1. Limited Engagement as a Board of Directors or Executive Advisor, or
  2. It can be an extensive engagement inclusive of executive/leadership development programs, and
  3. A consultancy service to help the organization establish and sustain the project management function,
  4. A combination of the above!

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