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Mounir A. Ajam is a co-founder and CEO of Uruk Project Management”

UrukPM is an organization focusing on providing organizational clients with integrated project management services and solutions. Currently, UrukPM is leading the development of a pioneering and innovative cloud-based online solution, the Uruk Platform.

Mounir is also project management thought leader. He is the leader behind the UrukPM Way for Managing Projects, which include an organization project management solution, project management and product development methodology, and a project success model. These innovative products are the starting point for the Uruk Platform.


Date Host Speaker Category Topic Registration
May 20-21, 2024 University of Texas at Dallas Mounir Ajam Symposium Strategic Program Management, Case Study Registration


Date Host Speaker Category Topic
August 9, 2023 Uruk PM Mounir Ajam Webinar Transforming Project Management
How to transform project management while respecting our diversity?
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June 06, 2023 PMI Germany Chapter Mounir Ajam Webinar LG DARMSTADT:
Respecting our diversity in the project management context
June 14, 2023 Uruk PM Mounir Ajam Webinar Tailoring, a Must for value delivery
Can a project management digital solution work for multiple domains and verticals?
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May 25, 2023 Uruk PM Mounir Ajam Webinar The Uruk Platform, Past, Present, and Future
The knowledge foundation, founding Uruk PM, what exists, what is coming, and the future
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May 22, 2023 University of Texas at Dallas Mounir Ajam Symposium Transforming Project Management One possible route is to elevate Project Management from task and stage management to delivering value  Presentation´s PDF


Date Host Speaker Category Topic
Sept. 08, 2022 UrukPM Sandra Hoskins Holmes and Watson: To Tell The Project Story, You Need The Storyteller Watch Now
August 23, 2022 UrukPM Dan Patterson How formal stage gate process adoption helps drive risk maturity in CAPEX planning Watch Now
June 21, 2022 UrukPM Bill Duncan Seven Steps to Better Benefits Realization Watch Now
June 7, 2022 UrukPM Mounir Ajam Uruk Tailored Methods Watch Now
May 31, 2022 UrukPM Sandra Hoskins Lean It and Mean It: – The Foundational 6 of Project Management Watch Now
May 18, 2022 Uruk PM Mounir Ajam Transforming the Project Management Practices Watch Now
May 10, 2022 Uruk PM Mark Moore Why Can’t My Organization Grow and Improve? Watch Now
April 19, 2022 Uruk PM William R. Ducan The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: How Good Practice Gets Perverted Watch Now
Mar 22, 2022 Uruk PM Mounir Ajam Do we need verticals in Project Management Watch Now
Feb 22, 2022 The Uruk Ten Steps of Project Success Uruk PM The Uruk Ten Steps of Project Success Watch Now
Dec 2021 University Lecture Texas A&M University, Mays Business School Texas Organizational project management competence through a megaproject case studies
Nov 2021 University Lecture Middlesex University Dubai Project Management Methodologies, IT Context
April 2021 The Battle Royale Agile vs. Traditional IPMA-USA – battle royale USA Agile or Waterfall
Feb 2021 Leading large & complex projects, challenges & opportunities! Adovasz Indonesia Indonesia PM Dialogue
Dec 2020 The 2nd World Project Management Forum The Center for Excellence in Project Management India Leading megaprojects, concept to success!
Oct 2020 The case for formalizing the project management function Knowledge Method & TNB Integrated Learning Solution Malaysia PM360
May 2020 Moroccan Project Management Association (MPMA) Moroccan Project Management Association (MPMA) Morocco Megaprojects, the current state of practice
Dec 2019 World Project Management Forum The Center for Excellence in Project Managemen  India Do we need to disrupt the project management’s current state of practice?
Oct 2019 The Dubai Big 5 Event Dubai The strategic value of project management

Historical Section

In addition to the recent events, Mounir has been a speaker at numerous global events and has presented in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore, Greece, and Brazil. Also, Mounir was a speaker at numerous PMI congresses and symposiums, including Prague, Malta, Edinburgh, Poland, Anaheim, and others.

Finally, the above does not include SUKAD sponsored events and conferences!

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