Although this website is a personal site, one cannot separate Mounir from SUKAD or Uruk. Therefore, we will keep this page short, with links to the SUKAD and Uruk Websites.


Mounir and SUKAD have developed the SUKAD Way™ Project Management Framework, including CAMMP™. In 2019 SUKAD launched the Uruk Initiative, which led to forming the Technology Division in SUKAD and registering SUKAD Corp in the US. Therefore, our technology services are centered on the Uruk Strategic Program, with the Uruk Platform as the cloud-based solution, the digital version of CAMMP™, and the SUKAD Way™. However, the Uruk Platform would also include numerous other functionalities from the project management community of practice. Read more


Through SUKAD, we can offer various consultancy and organizational solutions, with or without the Uruk Platform. For a list of the SUKAD solutions, please visit the SUKAD page, starting here. Read more


The previous SUKAD, based in the United Arab Emirates, was mostly a training company. Between 2004 and 2019, SUKAD delivered hundreds of workshops to numerous clients, mainly in the UAE and in various countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, and Oman. Our courses and workshops ranged from foundational project management knowledge to advanced and specialized topics, including master certificates. We also have an Applied Learning Program, where we blend learning with the application over an extended period. For more information about our training and Talent Development, please visit the SUKAD.

In 2018 we started an online program, the Quest to Mastering Project Management. Currently, we are beginning a program to enhance and update the PM Quest.

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