Writing and Publishing a Book Project

About the Book

Case Study, the writing and publishing of Leading Mega Projects, a Tailored Approach.

Notice that Volume 2 focuses on the “Write a book” project. Here, we expand the scope to cover the writing and publishing of a book. In this case, we include the whole cycle from beginning to end. However, we will cover this case study from the writer’s perspective since we do not have insights into the internal work within the publishing organization. This book is a book that we are working on currently[v] with the title of Leading Mega Projects, A Tailored Approach. A substantial part of that book is the proposed tailored approach for megaprojects and a simulation of using this approach (CAMMP™ for Megaprojects) on a realistic megaproject. In other words, the Leading Mega Projects’ book will be published by CRC Press as an independent book, and the writing and publishing of that book is a case study that we share in this series.

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